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Jaguar F Type R, wide body

We have been talking about doing something for the Jaguar F type for a while now, and we are hopefully looking to get started during the course of this year, and what we do know is it will be wide body GT3 style. We will be working with a well know render specialist over the next couple of months, but that hasn't stopped us playing around with some ideas.

The rear of the car is already a stunner, apart from wider rear quarters and bumper, it needs a more aggressive diffuser that works as well as just looks pretty, so at the moment we will concentrate on the front view for now with some ideas we want in the design.


Our render is based on the “R” AWD chassis, as we feel it’s a pretty front end view over the SVR, we could look a redesign, but why fix, if it’s not broken, so we will just recreate all of the Lovely Jaguar O.E.M parts in carbon fibre, which will fit all of the F Type models, cabriolet or coupe.

The new look front end will be manufactured in carbon fibre and consist of front bumper, front splitter, front wider vented fenders, an aggressively style vented bonnet, side skirts with rear brake cooling channels, wider rear quarter panels, rear bumper, rear diffuser, possible option of a rear wing or ducktail spoiler, not too sure on that part, exhaust, tuning, suspension will also be available, and we will be working with good partners on this car from design right the way through to the suspension, body specialists and composite manufacturers.

Wheels there will be a choice of design and size, our preferred size and widths will be 10.5x21 front and 13x21 rear fitted with 275/30r21 & 355/25R21 front and rear respectively, but 20” can be the desired size if required. For tuning we are looking at various companies to work with, for the UK fitting it will be our Partners Reflex Auto Design, stay tuned for more news on this aero pack during the course of the year, which can be accelerated for the right car and client.

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