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VAD Ferrari 458 GT3 Curseive

with selling our parts all over the world we don’t always get to see our product hit the vehicle, we are involved with so many private builds we never get to see the finished article, so we do rely on customers and others to forward as much as possible if it’s not a local job, and being so busy we some slip through the nett and we don’t post everything we get sent, so its always nice when you stumble across some old pictures and photos of your product.

Ferrari 458 GT3

This is one that we forgot all about, our VAD Ferrari 458 Curseive GT3 cruising in the 2017 Modball rally, just goes to show how versatile our products are, from the track right to the streets where the Modball takes you, which is all over Europe, on every type of road.

We particularly like the colour of this build, this one also wears the older 20” 21” forged wheel set up that we no longer use, but they still look good, and we love the tyre stickers “WE KNOW SHIT” as well as the number plate “2 CHILL” which is a lovely touch.

Just for reference the aero pack consists of:

Front bumper, front splitter, front bumper canards, front vented fenders, side skirts, rear fender, rear bumper, rear diffuser, rear wing assembly, arch liners front and rear, with a set of forged bespoke wheels 3 piece wheels, with a super lightweight magnesium option also available on request, front set up is 10.5x20 fitted with 275/30R20, rear set up is 13.5x20 fitted with 355/25R21, Ohlin suspension, with a hybrid exhaust.

Get in touch with us today if you fancy giving your Ferrari 458 a makeover.

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