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Old & New 997 Slant Nose Update.

With any kit especially a wide body the first thing you really want to do is trial fit, and believe us the excitement is real, so with the air ride all sorted it was dress up time.

The RAD boys had already said how impressed they were at the quality of the kit, and as we said in our last post they were extremely pleased, and even more so with the fit of the kit, the quality is exceptional, which we already knew, as we had seen it previously up close and personal some twelve months previously, which is why its on our website and associated with our brand name, but we understand why they were a little concerned as these boys fit kits on a regular basis, so they know what is involved in building a top level show car, which is what this car will become for the Reflex brand.

OLD & NEW Japan, Porsche 997 Slant Nose

With the test fit done and the boys well happy it was exhaust time, and that was entrusted to EMP Performance. If you recall, we showed the cut out on the OLD & new rear bumper that had been done for the exposed exhaust look, so it was a case of no going back, any although it wouldn't of been our personal choice, we do like that racer look for the rear, its radically different to any other slant nose that has been put together so far, so kudos for thinking outside the box with their ideas.

EMP Performance Exposed Exhaust, for the Old & New Japan Slant Nose Porsche 997

We know what the finished car will look like in the way of paint scheme and graphics, so this merely adds to the look they are aiming at, with the exhaust complete, wheels delivered and caressed with Toyo Tyres, its now time for graft, with the kit fitting and bodywork prep, lets hope its ready for Ultimate dubs show in April, and lets hope ultimate dubs is ready for this.

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