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Old & New 997 European Build Update

The start of January saw the OLD & NEW aero kit for the Reflex 997 arrive from Japan, and we must say its a really is exceptional quality, not that we expected any different as we have seen the kit up close and personal when we were at the Tokyo Auto Salon in 2017, so we knew what we were signing up for then, but its always nice to see the product land in the UK without a hitch and all parts enclosed, and the guys at Reflex were all like kids at Christmas.

Porsche 997 Old & New

The first job on the huge list of upgrades was the Air suspension, Matt Clifford works with Air Lift Performance on the photography side of things, so it was inevitable that Matt would hook this ride up on air, and we believe this is the first Porsche 997 to be fitted with all Air Lift Performance products, so its not just a first of its kind slant nose 997 for Europe, but lots of other parts are a first time too it would seem, which all adds up to a really unique build.

With the suspension complete it was time for Johnny and Matt to get the rear bumper modified for the all new exhaust that is being constructed, they are stepping outside the usual and adding not only a touch of class, but also their own take on how they want this build to look, and it takes balls to cut up a brand new £14k aero kit that you have just taken delivery on, but as we said they know exactly what they want for this build.

Porsche 997 Old & New Japan Aero Kit

Next stop EMP Performance for some exhaust manufacturing goodness.

Old & New Japan, wide body kit, Porsche 997 C2

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