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Porsche 997 Wide Body R, Nears Completion

The main part of the build for the Speedwells Porsche 997R Bi-Turbo is not far of completed, just the wheels, and tyres to fit which should be over the next couple of days and it is pretty much done, as all conversions of this size it will take a little longer to get all of the little updates done like the front head lights, the grills for the front and rear bumper which all have to be patterned then laser cut, we could of gone down the motorsport grill look, but this is a road version of the R, so Iby wanted a more road look with the grill set, and doesn't want to mix race with road and we can relate to that as there are hundreds of race going 997 R’s around the world, but very few out right road cars.

# Speedwells Porsche 997R Bi-Turbo wide body

We are really looking forward to the show scene for 2018, with our own BMW Z4 GT3 V8 hanging out with our good friend Iby and his Speedwells 997 GT3R, both in road going trim, this is going to be one very special year. Stay tuned for more picture updates when the wheels and tyres are fitted over the next few days, we can’t wait.

Speedwells Porsche 997R Bi-Turbo wide body

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