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BMW Z4 GT3 rear wing assembly

Its taken some time but we are happy to say we have the final piece to our Z4 GT3 Jigsaw puzzle, getting hold of a genuine rear wing assembly, the wing is the easiest part to get hold of as we can simply manufacture any width any length wing with various profiles, all we have to do for the Z4 is make sure we have the correct width. We already had the early type rear wing set up, but its chassis mounted uprights which was great if you had the race car with the fixed roof, but not so great if your converting road cars and you still have the steal electric hood, we will possibly look at changing our roof to the authentic GT3 at some point, as we have found a German supplier that produces the roof and the mirrors if we need them, but not everyone wants a fixed roof, they want the convertible option, and you cannot use the roof as the wing uprights are bolted strait to the boot floor and the rear wing will not let the roof work correctly, so we have been after the later style with the boot mounted assembly for a while now, and its great to finally source a pure race wing set up, with the twin blades.


Lots of people have said we shouldn't fit the wing as we are building a road car, and to some extent we agree, but this conversion needs it, this is a really aggressive looking car, the authentic GT3 kit is super wide, so the GT3 rear wing set up is the cherry on the top, and one this wide body V8 needs, with the added bonus and advantage of advertising space, which is priceless.

We will be having the aluminium supports laser cut and manufacturing, the double wing set up will be manufactured in carbon fibre, email us for more details if you happen to be building a Z4 GT3 or you just fancy fitting the GT3 rear wing assembly on your BMW E89 Z4 Chassis.

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