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DP Motorsport Germany, our visit.

So our second day in Germany and we get to go visit Holger’s father and brother, Ekkehard and Patrick Zimmerman of DP Motorsport who just happen to be one of the most famous after market tuner companies for the Porsche brand, if the name doesn't ring a bell, then I strongly suggest you Google them as they basically helped put the original Kremer 935 K3 on the map, and are still very active in aero manufacturing, our visit we were greeted by so many cars either finished or under construction, it was difficult to absorb everything in, so we will start in the showroom, and boy oh boy what a showroom.

The first car obviously that caught our attention was Ekkehard own red 911 light weight RS, I cannot begin to explain how good this 911 is, let’s look at the statistics, 1000 kg weight, 375 BHP from its bored out 3.5 engine, this car is just the very pinnacle of light weight, it has a 915 5 speed gearbox, which DP has modified with its own quick shift kit and it sits on a very special set of 9x15 front and 13x15 rear Fuchs wheels, this car is all manufactured with carbon fibre and carbon Kevlar, we also love the little trick bits like the lollipop seats which date back to the Kremer 935 race cars, also the rear light clusters now being housed in the rear bumper rather than the rear quarter panel … it’s all the little touches that make this car so special, and the noise is something else.

Sitting next to the RS was the DP 944 Cargo, which is pretty awesome, it’s basically an estate version of the 944 coupe and DP nailed the styling, considering it was built back in the 80’s it still looks fresh today, so ahead of its time.

DP Motorsport 944 Cargo

Another 964 RS in Grey also adorned the show room, light weight and for sale at €120,000 euro and as we have come to expect the quality was breath taking.

DP Motorsport 911 Carrera

My favorite cars personally that DP have built over the years apart from the 935 K3 are the DP3 based on the 964 chassis, this was basically a car built for the track which H&R made very famous around the world back in the day, on our visit they had two cars, one a green track monster in for repair and sowing some battle scars, the second was a road car, that has a story attached.

They had a customer call in and see them from the USA who was visiting the Essen Tuning show, and he wanted a build exactly like the blue H&R race car but in road form, DP duly obliged, and was complete apart from so small details, the quality and paint finish were just impeccable, they really reach the boundaries of perfection, at VAD we are very quality conscious, we don’t associate ourselves with anything that would tarnish what we do, but they have left a very big impression it really is German engineering and quality at its finest as you come to expect.

They saved one of the best cars until we due to leave for lunch, we hadn't even absorbed what we have already seen and Ekkehard hit us with another little project he is working on for the boys over at Kremer racing, an tube chassis old school 935 K4, it was in the very early stages and there is still a long way to go, but the body was just a class act, if this can reach the standards of the other DP cars sitting around the show rooms and the workshop, then this is going to be one very special K4, and a very rare beast, its one we long to see when it is completed.

Next stop, were heading to Kremer Racing, we just need to reset the heart rate.

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