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2017 has been a fantastic year for us at VAD with our aero kit and wheels being delivered all over the globe, and 2018 is looking rather hectic, with our own BMW Z4 GT3 V8 to be finished, our collaboration of the very first Porsche 997 GT3R Bi-Turbo build with Iby at Speedwells, and our collaboration with the boys over at Reflex Auto Design with Europe’s first ever Old & New slant nose conversion for the 997, along with a couple of our Nissan GTR carbon wide body conversions heading to the states.

Unfortunately, we cannot manufacture every aero kit, it’s just not feasible to do everything and plus we really enjoy working with other quality manufactures from around the world, and our network of friends has expanded at a vast rate over the last few years.

Wide Body BMW E46 M3 GTR V10

2M Autowerks is a company we have known about for some time and we will be working closer with them in 2018, we already display their awesome wide body F80 aero pack on our website, and it’s a conversion we are really looking forward to building next year. Another build the 2M boys are working on that has really caught our attention is their BMW E46 M3 V10, and as mind blowing as that sounds, it doesn't end there either. They have built a full replica GTR wide body aero kit, so it will look as good as it sounds, with plenty of go, all being done in-house, and from what we have seen so far, this is one amazing build, we will report more as and when we get updated.

It well worth following the guys on Instagram & Facebook for updates on their builds, they are an incredibly talented bunch with amazing skill set and such a pleasure for us to collaborate with, whilst promoting their products for the European market.

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