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Magnesium and Carbon Fibre forged wheels

This year has seen us part company with various wheel brands, companies we have worked a long side for a long time, but quality along with business ethics is something we feel very strongly about, we are old school at VAD, where standards and decent morals mean everything, we don’t think that is a lot to ask for, if you use our name and brand to help your own brand we expect a bit of loyalty in return, as we are extremely loyal to the cause and the people and brands we work with, unfortunately this year it hasn't quite worked out the way we planned, but it’s a huge market with some great companies that make some great products, all you have to do is go and look and do your research, which is what we did, things happen for a reason and as we aren't the kind of company that wallows in pity feeling sorry for ourselves and things have a great way of coming full circle.

During our search for new products we came across Litespeed racing who we are working with on a couple of projects, the Mercedes Edition one with a set of full carbon and magnesium Monoblock wheels and our up and coming magnesium 3 piece wheels for our good friend Mark Poxton and his amazing McLaren F1, which we can’t wait to start.

Aspect GT 3 Piece Forged Magnesium F1-R

As well as the above projects and manufacturing a couple of the new VAD design forged wheels, we have added his amazing composite forged carbon and his carbon barrels to our line-up, we can also offer forged Magnesium wheels in 1 piece Monoblock in various widths, as well as 3 piece forged aluminium or magnesium centres with carbon fibre or forged barrels, as well as offering a full composite forged carbon fibre 3 piece wheel, we really have the pinnacle when it comes to light weight wheel manufacturing, we have most applications catered for and we can offer most designs to include one off bespoke, get in touch today to discuss your individual requirements, or for more info on our Magnesium and Carbon collection forged wheels.

Aluminum or Magnesium Forged centres, carbon fibre barrels

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