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Speedwells Porsche 997R wide body is go.

It’s taken a bit of time but as they say perfection usually does and that’s how our good friend Iby from Speedwells Refinishers has gone about finding the base car for one of his new up and coming projects, he shares the same passion and outlook that we do and that’s why it’s taken him a few months to source the right Porsche 997 for the awesome wide body “R” upgrade.

As we already know from his recent car builds he rather likes red, his famous 800+ HP Supra went through a couple of red shades Ferrari Rosso,, with Lamborghini Mars Red that adorned the blown out JZA80 in its latter form and you have to admit, it was rather lush, so you will not be surprised to know he has been looking for a Red 997 Bi-Turbo, which are extremely hard to come by, especially in manual form, a Techart cabriolet was located but it’s not really in-keeping with the R racer, he then located another but had metropole blue interior with tiptronic transmission, which was stunning, but it just didn't tick the box, so he set his sight on the right car irrelevant of colour, and at the top of the list was it had to be the sought after manual transmission, this was the number one priority, and it wasn't long before he found a Manual black bi-turbo that was quickly purchased and it’s a beauty, and with the engine and ECU parts already ordered, it wont be long before we see 700+ HP.

The R conversion is quite substantial with most of the OEM panels getting replaced, so the car can be painted his colour of choice, we would love to see this one stay Porsche Balsalt Black but unfortunately that’s not going to happen, he already has a shopping list, with the our aero pack already purchased, first on the list is the Ohlin coilover Suspension, and some light weight forged 3 piece wheels, and sticky Michelin Cup 2 tyres, we cannot wait for this car to be ripped apart, , at last a UK road going 997 “R” …. let the transformation begin.

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