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Porsche Cayman widebody

Our range of Porsche aero seems to be growing at an alarming rate, were not complaining though as we are huge fans of the Stuttgart brand here at VAD, but there has always been one model that has never been on our radar, we seem to have neglected the beauty that is the Cayman, well that is until now.

There doesn't seem to be a lot on the market for the 981 chassis, especially in wide body format, you have the odd over fender aero kit, but that design is getting a little tiresome, we wanted a racing style wide body, something that would look at home on the track as it would the road, an RSR, GT3R, Cup look and working with our composite partners that’s what we got, not on form, but function too.

Porsche Cayman 981 wide body

The kit is available in carbon fibre, but wanting to appeal to as many Cayman owners as possible, we also have a GRP option, so we cater for all budgets as not everyone has the carbon fibre funds, as prepreg vacuum infused carbon that’s autoclave cured isn't a cheap process, so parts always have a premium price, so it’s nice to give Cayman owners a price choice.

The aero kit is quite extensive and we will have a basic package, with an extensive optional extras list.

Basic aero pack will consist of: Front Bumper, front bumper canards, front bumper grill set, rear fender extensions, vented side rocker, rear quarter panel, rear bumper, rear diffuser.

Optional extras: light weight carbon doors, GT style wing assembly, front and rear carbon Kevlar arch liners, full scratch coated polycarbonate race window set.

Porsche Cayman 981 wide body

We also have a great selection of wheels available in 1, 2 or 3 piece depending on budget, as we will have forged aluminium as well as forged magnesium, with carbon fibre wheels also available on request, with road and track programmes will be available for this build, suspension and exhaust systems will also be available on request for this conversion.

We offer a full fitting and painting service or we can supply only, we also ship worldwide, so get in touch today for further details on this little box of wide body goodness.

Porsche Cayman Wide Body

A render of the VAD VF1 in 20" with matte black finish, looking right at home, wheels 10.5 front wheels and 13" wheels will be needed to fill the wide body to perfection, in either 19" or 20" sizes

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