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Anthony Gaylard Nissan GTR LM1-RS

It’s been a busy few weeks of late hence the lack of blog posts and believe us it’s not for the lack of material to talk about as we have so much to share, it’s purely down to man power and not enough hours in the day, but seeing our good friends dream build hit the track in anger was just too not to blog about, as days like this rarely happen in the UK scene, so let us take one meticulously put together GTR, the living legend that is Hiroshi Tamura, who happens to be the chief product specialist of Nissan's mighty GTR, basically he is the brains behind the R35, want to read more…we thought you would.

Antony Gaylard Nissan GTR LM1-RS

Unleashing that 1000+ BHP at Silverstone shake down

We got to know Anthony Gaylard the owner of this special GTR LM1-RS back in 2015 as we had a mutual problem with the supplier Dominik Bahn of Carbostuff Engineering, (which you can read all about in our other blog news) we have stayed in touch since and I have personally followed his build over the last couple of years, and wow he has put together one amazing road legal monster, as I have said this is one meticulously built machine and one that he hopes will get him a sub 7 minute time at the green hell they call the Nordschleife, yep the Nurburgring, which is the main reason this car has been constructed, the car has been built to have the best of everything available, no expense spared, built by craftsmen, and of course a huge wad of cash, this is what we call at VAD a man’s GTR.

Antony Gaylard Nissan GTR LM1-RS

Hiroshi Tamura seal of approval

At VAD we are all about high quality, it’s in our DNA and there isn't a day that goes by that we aren't disappointed with the GTR scene, seeing many being stripped of all the OEM Nissan parts, then adding mass produced Chinese manufactured wet laid Carbon junk, which is mostly glass fibre with a thin layer of carbon, which is then highly glossed for effect, bonnets, fenders, rear wings, etc, its painful, but unfortunately it’s all part and parcel of any scene including the GTR, so for me personally Anthony’s build is a refreshing change, seeing it fitted with proper high quality light weight carbon fibre parts inside and out, were pleased to say no Chinese crud on this build, just top end parts for a top end GTR, pure carbon fibre made just how it should be, in the autoclave.

The parts list for the build is simply sensational, its mouth-watering, you can see the endless search for parts perfection, and why wouldn't it be, chasing that sub 7-minute time at the Nordschleife is no easy task, hence the reason I keep seeing the huge ££££ every time I read through the list of parts its taken to build this epic machine, which makes the hairs on my whole body stand on end, this is a serious build, I love love every detail, as well as the overall concept.

Parts list comprises of the following:

Full Momentum Motorsport chassis build.

FIA Cage as per the GTR GT3

Litchfield Sport engine

Borger Warner Turbos 7163

Cams/head work

Inconel Manifolds with 6mm ceramic wrap and 1mm Inconel foil wrap.

Capable of 1000+hp


Dodson full box and extreme clutch

Chris Tullet Twin 3 inch side exit with 6mm ceramic wrap and 1mm stainless foil wrap.

Litchfield Race Intercooler

Litchfield Race Radiator

Aircon Delete kit

Race Alternator

Full fire extinguisher kit

CCX Ceramic Brakes

Ohlins TTX

Motec M1 ECU Motec C187 Dash Display and Logger in custom carbon mounting

Motec T2 Telemetry

Motec PDM KeyPad

Motec PDM

Bosch M4 GT3 ABS

Bosch WDA (Single Wiper)

Tilton Pedal box

Nismo GT3 carbon Flat floor

Nimso GT3 Complete carbon doors

Nimso GT3 carbon Hood

Nismo GT3 carbon Bumper

Nismo GT3 carbon Dive plans

Nismo GT3 carbon Splitter

Nimso GT3 carbon wing

Nismo GT3 carbon mirrors

Custom Full carbon rear QTR panels.

AMS carbon boot

AMS carbon Roof

Lexan rear and qtr windows

2015 headlights

Tilletts carbon seats

Custom Elweld diffuser

Custom ELweld side entry rear ventura cooling with 4 radiators for Engine/Transmission/diff/fuel.

Custom Elweld venting at the front for Intercooler/Brakes/Air-intake/diff

Ray G25 wheel

Dymag Boxstrom 7Y

Michelin cup 2 tyres

The pictures attached are from the Silverstone test and shake down of the car, which Mr, Hiroshi Tamura attended, and im gutted we didn’t attend, as the pictures of the car on track look phenomenal.

We cannot wait to follow the car on its epic journey chasing the lap.

They say something good comes out of something bad and maybe we have something to thank for our mutual misfortunes, meeting good people whilst enjoying great builds, kudos Anthony you have built a stunner, bring on the Nordschleife, I personally can't wait.

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