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Wide Body Nissan GTR

Always good to see cars we put together surface within the car community and hit the market. this particular GTR is quite a controversial one within the VAD organisation, as in 2014 it saw the company split and part ways the Body-shop section that was based in Wellingborough Northampton, which has since closed or morphed in to a new name, were not 100% sure what happened, but since the split we haven't looked back, we have simply gone from strength to strength, and we now work with a couple of body shops that took our aero products to a whole new level.

This GTR was originally built for Jerrick at Meister R to help him sell his standard black edition, due to him emigrating to the USA, he wanted something that would stand out, we had been selling the carbon wide body programme with quite a bit of success, so Jerrick was keen to offer his car for the build and get it out on the market, it sold pretty quickly and new owner Trevor has enjoyed his unicorn GTR for the last couple of years, when we caught up with Trevor at the back end of 2016, he said he gets more attention in the GTR than he does in his Ferrari 458 Cabriolet, well lets face it, looking like this why wouldn't it.

The car is now up for sale and we can confirm in the short term Trevor has owed the car, he has racked up only 2,000 miles, the spec list is huge and it’s an amazing looking car in the flesh, so if you want to grab yourself a stunning carbon fibre wide body GTR give the guys at Classic Connection Cars of Burley a call, and tell them VAD sent you.

VAD Wide body GTR, Fitted with 13x21 VAD CR EVO, Matte Bronze fitted with 345/25R21 Hankook

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