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BMW Z4 GT3 LS3 V8 Road Conversion

The VAD BMW Z4 (E89) has finally finished its first round of modifications with the completion of our crate LS3 6.3LTR V8 engine installation, coilover suspension, brake and exhaust upgrade and we must say its turned out looking pretty immense, Craig at Dynotorque has done a pretty spectacular job, the engine install looks like it came out of the factory with this engine in place it’s that neat and tidy, it looks at home with plenty of room over the original 2.5Ltr N52B25 engine, it sits much further back with better weight distribution, with the added fact it’s a much lighter unit, we can’t just wait to hit the street in this beast, it’s going to be a pretty radical looking machine out on the open roads.


For the next stage we will be making a few suspension adjustments and will be modifying the inner fenders especially at the rear to accommodate the much larger wheel and tyre fitment, so the 13x19 and 345/30 tyres will fit as they should without any rubbing under load, It’s a necessary mod for any modified car that is having a wide body install, then it will be off to Emerald for the final map and Can-Bus setup, and then she will be ready to head off down to our composite partners BAMD for the Aspect GT carbon body GT3 install, Adam can’t wait to get his hands on this beast, and we can’t wait for him to give this build his magic touch.

Its taken us two years to research exactly what was required, along with the final spec of what we wanted, we did consider the S65 BMW V8, but after a conversation with Craig who explained the pitfalls of going that route, but how simple the LS3 conversion as well as the cost implications, it seemed like a no brainer, our vision and dream of building the ultimate road going Z4 is almost complete, and although we will upset some purists out there, we just remind ourselves, we have built this car for us, and we are happy with the route we have taken with this build.

We will be blogging when the car is down at BAMD, so be sure to bookmark us and follow the progress as it happens.

BMW Z4 (E89) GT3 V8 LS3 Road Conversion

Trial fit of the rear carbon fibre GT3 wider rear quarter panel

First start up of the VAD BMW Z4 GT3 V8 LS3

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