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BMW Z4 GT3 V8 Project update

Since our last blog post on our BMW Z4 GT3 V8 Project, its starting to move forward quite nicely, with the engine in and wiring being done, we have turned our attention to the exhaust system, with Craig putting his welding skill set to good use, this guy has some serious skills with a TIG welder in his hand, the welds are pure works of art, and the system looks absolutely brutal, full twin stainless set up, with one box in the centre, he mentioned a fruity sound last time we spoke, after seeing it up close and personal we now understand the meaning of fruity.

Another piece of the jigsaw landing this week was our 3 piece forged wheels from the AG factory, 10.5x19 and 13x19 AG F420 and the AGL23 both look amazing in the flesh, we think we choose extremely wisely with not only the designs, but the finish too.

13x19 Rear wheels for the Z4 GT3

Next on the long list of things to do, is the suspension and brake set up, we will report back as they hit our Z4.

Another little project we have kicked off this week, after a conversation with Steve Van Der Vorst from DLNG Designs , as we really want to run a set of his extremely cool motorsport themed race Turbo fans, we will discuss this in further detail in another blog, but Steve is as stoked to work on this project as we are having him on-board.

For any details on our Z4 V8 GT3 build, feel free to get in touch with us, we will be more than happy to assist, in any way we can.

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