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BMW Z4 (E89) GT3 V8 Install

Our Z4 GT3 V8 engine installation is almost complete, with a few little details to finish, the main on ifs the exhaust system, before we then move on to the suspension and the brake set up.

The stock 2.5 (N52B25) engine looks absolutely huge by comparison to the LS3 V8 that is now sitting in the in its place, what also caught our attention was where the engine mounts are located on the stock BMW engine and how much of the engine sits over the point of location, BMW obviously know what they are doing, but where the LS3 engine sits by comparison, the car will have better weight distribution.

Craig has finish all of the rocker covers and all the various engine bits in his trade mark crackle black paint, and we must say it a perfect combination with the how we are going to finish the external look of the car, as we carry that black and white theme over to the outside, with the diffuser and front splitter along with the bonnet vents being kept in black carbon finish.

This week sees the start the exhaust being completed, as Craig plans not only the route of where the exhaust will sit, but also the sound, which is pretty important for a build like this, as it has to sound how it looks, as Craig puts it, it needs to sound fruity, his experience with these builds are paramount, so the final sound will be left in his capable hands, we then get to start the suspension and brake set up.

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