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AME Wheels Japan

Since our trip to Japan in January for the Tokyo Auto Salon, we have been updating the website with some new aero and wheel brands, as we decided in 2016 to go back to our original routes and get some high quality Japanese brands on board, since the closure of the Riverside factory some 6 years ago, we have drifted away from the Japanese scene, but for 2017 and the foreseeable future that’s all about to change.

Over the last few weeks we have added some real high quality Japanese products, old&new for aero and TWS and Enkei wheels brands, I don’t think any of them need introductions, they all have a global presence, and most within the scene will know all of these brands.

One last brand that we are happy to get hold of is the AME brand (Auto Motive Engineering) this brand that has been around for over 30 years, part of the Kyoho company brand that has been around for over 50 years, still producing great designs, and high quality, the latest from the Shallen L.O.D forged line up is breath taking, 3 designs that have gone through various stages and changes in design over the years, and get better and better, from conventional 3 piece wheels, to the ultramodern deep concave 3 piece with the extended legs, to the Dual block 2 piece, with the deeper concave profile, 3 designs that really have stood the test of time.


AME ‘s timeless designs, and diversity helps them develop in various markets, from the luxury SUV and VIP scene to the German tuning of the BMW, Mercedes saloon series, with the odd exotic and with the latest old school OSS series of the Shallen Mesh and star 2 design, targeted at the euro hot hatch and Japanese sport car scene, they really do touch every market with their extraordinary range of wheel designs, all come with the sought after JWL, JAL, VIA global test approval.

AME Shallen OSS Mesh & Star

One wheels that has caught our attention is the all new TM02, manufactured by their wheel partners Enkei, it’s a super lightweight wheel aimed purely at the track, fast road user, and what a stunner, you can tell the Enkei input just looking at the 6 spoke split spoke design… its very Enkei style, which isnt a bad thing. The manufacturing process also caught our attention, the all new MAT technology, which is basically a process to increase the inner strength of the rim, this flow forming process which also is classified as rim rolling, this process produces not only a light weight product, but also high rigidity, info from Enkei explains the process in depth


ENKEI proprietary rim moulding method developed by applying "spinning process" used for forming rims of forged wheels and 2, 3 piece wheels. After the casting process, stretch forming while trimming the rim part. As a result, the rim achieved material strength comparable to that of forging, and the disc design made it possible to apply a high degree of freedom design that cannot be moulded by forging. With material strength comparable to forged wheels and excellent design technology, Lightweight, high strength, high rigidity achieved at high dimensions!

Along with the high performance of cars, weight reduction of wheels is getting more important as the tires and wheels are increasingly diversified year by year to reduce weight under spring. "MAT PROCESS" which greatly improved the material strength of the rim part greatly contributed to the thinning of the rim, etc. In addition to the designing technology fed back from the race activities, light weight, high strength and high rigidity are balanced at a high level Made wheels manufacturing became possible

The TM-02 is available from all VAD stores to order, available in various applications in various widths in sizes 17” and 18”.


For any information regarding the AME Wheel range, fitment request, or you would like to order, get in touch with our sales team, we ship worldwide.

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