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VAD CR EVO, Enhances the Range Rover Autobiography, to Perfection.

Our VAD CR-EVO wheel has gone from strength to strength, with no signs of sales or demand slowing down any time soon, launched the midway through 2013, we have seen it being requested and produced in many sizes and applications, and until recently it seems the 22” size was a new request, which took us by surprise at VAD, as we have seen 19” 20” and 21” sizes regularly being produced and seem to have been the most popular requests, so it was refreshing to see this set being built for an all new 2017 Range Rover Vogue, Autobiography, for our South African partners Scribante Racing.


VAD CR-EVO pictured in 10.5x22 Spec 2 Concave Profile, Matte Black, Exposed Brushed Hardware

First up was the aero styling, our client wanted something a little different to a standard RR with a set of wheels, we toyed with the idea of the Lumma wide body aero pack, but there seems to be so many around, as it seems to be the most popular.

The beautiful Startech aero kit was the aero pack of choice, and it really has transformed the look of the Vogue model, it’s a very subtle but great looking kit, and extremely pleasing to the eye, the led front lights and vented rear bumper add to the finesse these panels give to such a huge vehicle, kudos to the Startech designers, you really did design a gem.

Next up was wheel design, and we had already seen how nice the 6 spoke CR-EVO wheel looked in 21” on the all new Range Rover sport, but for this model and conversion we had to run it on our 22” set up, 24” was considered, but was quickly dismissed, so 10.5 inch widths with a specification 2 concave profile, with the complete wheel painted in matte black including the inner barrel, with exposed brushed hardware, with the finishing touches, fitting a set of adjustable lowering links, which has enhanced the overall look to perfection.

For more details on this aero and wheel upgrade, email the sales team, who will be more than happy to assist.

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