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Audi A4 (B8) Wide Body

We are constantly updating our website with new and exclusive product and when we came across the grey AUDI (B8) A4 wide fender beauty that exploded across the internet, we just had to delve a little further into who made it and where it came from, and we are happy to bring you the Varbon collection of carbon fibre aero goodness, and the car in question was Wojciech Audi A4, which is beautifully presented, and showcasing the extended wheel arch extensions, and other carbon fibre goodies in all their glory.

as with any aero kit, you have to get create the right parts to complete the overall look, then work with the suspension, wheels and tyres to get the finished article, on this particular set up a 12x20 square set up front to rear fitted with 275/30R20 tyres dials in that stanced look to perfection.

The aero kit consists of the four arch extensions, including the rear door flares, front splitter, rear diffuser, rear ducktail boot spoiler and all are available to order now from all VAD outlets globally.

As well as the A4 carbon fibre parts we will be adding the Mustang and Ferrari 488 parts to the line up, email the team for more details on this amazing range of black gold.


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