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Slant Nose Porsche 996 Turbo

It’s been the weekend of the Osaka Auto Messe in Japan, and the old & new crew have display yet another show stopper, built by AP Garage in Japan and what an amazing Job they have done, its come out looking amazing, it really is a beauty.

Porsche 996 Slant Nose

This time they have built the slant nose for the 996 model in turbo form, and this is the Version 1 of the aero pack that will keep the rear Turbo bumper and a race style GT rear wing set up, we think this version will be a very popular one, as its more of a take on the over fender, slant nose look of the older generation Porsche 930 models, and we know some Porsche fans will be thinking, great as it gets rid of the 996 front headlights, they are like marmite, you either like that front end look of the 996 or loathe it, to be honest we like the OEM 996 front, but we very much prefer this slant nose look, who wouldnt.

Porsche 996 Slant Nose

The colour and wheel choice is also a different take from the last 997 build, and this is very much reminiscent of the old turbo fan style and for us this is the best wheel choice so far, in fact its giving us some ideas for our own slant nose build.

Contact the sales team for more details on this slant nose build for your 996 or your 997 Porsche, as we now have both conversions available for Turbo or non turbo models, as a fully build conversion or as a supply only.

Old & New Slant Nose Porsche 996 Turbo

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