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Dynotorque visit

Last week we had a trip down to the man cave called Dynotorque, we can’t begin to explain how much we love visiting Craig Taylor and his set up, every time we have been he has built something new, the man is a genius, and we mean genius, give him a donor vehicle, tell him what you want, along with a pot full of cash and the man will make it happen, you drive in with one machine, and drive out with another, and everything is done in-house, I think every petrol head will know all about the Driftworks DW86 V8 drift machine, and if you don't, you must of been living under a rock, well craig used his magic with the engine install side of the build, and that is the added bonus of a visit to Dynotorque, is he is right next door to the guys at Driftworks, so you get a double whammy, it’s a day out for any petrol head.

The Awesome DW86 V8 Drift car

Before we tell you what our visit was about, let’s tell you about the two cars he has just finished, a Nissan 350Z, as you can see from the attached pictures, it’s an incredible LS3 install, the other a Porsche 997 C4S, which has now been added to the huge list of converted LSV8 powered conversions, Angus the owner of the Porsche actually purchased the 997 with a blown engine, and as Craig had previously built him a LS3 TVR T350 V8 with some serious power, his lust for another LSV8 engine was always going to happen, and the fact it’s the first every 997 to house the LS3 with a Turbo, we can understand the appeal, and let’s face it the V8 noise is soooo addictive.

Dynotorque Porsche 997 C4S LS3 V8 Turbo

Dynotorque Nissan 350Z LSX V8

So why were VAD at Dynotorque, our main point was to finalise the ASPECT GT BMW Z4 that we have been planning for a while now, it actually got to the point of even us thinking this build would never be completed, as we seem to of hit a few technical issues along the way.

The main problem area has been the suspension, we do not want to air bag this car, we know bags are a huge craze around the world, but for us, it has to be a static ride, all of our builds will be, and this build in particular is a priority, plus don’t want to do what the last couple of road going Z4 builds we have seen being done, which is altering the arches to sit lower to the top of the tyre, the kit will remain as BMW Motorsport built it, modifying this beauty of a kit is a definite no go.

With Craig’s talent for making things go fast, I'm happy to report, he makes them stop and handle to, brakes we will use the big red stoppers from AP Racing, with as Craig puts it, a generous sized discs, with a custom coilover setup also on the cards, we are pleased to report that headache has been sorted.

Dynotorque 1000 BHP Twin Turbo Mazda RX7

Dynotorque Studebaker LS3 V8

Now for the final piece of the jigsaw, and what engine is used in this build, with a huge choice, from the S65, which will be the purist choice (but it certainly isn’t our first choice) right down to the LS3, LS3 Turbo, LS7, LS9, or how about the S85 V10, all will be revealed in the coming months, but were happy its all booked in and we are ready to start building.

Craig Taylors 1000 BHP Twin Turbo Mazda RX7 Video

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