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Audi's range topping R8 enhanced with 20'' AG Luxury AGL24, and its For Sale

Every now and again we get cars come up for sale, from friends, customers and other business from around the world, unfortunately due to time and our busy schedule it’s just not possible to list them all, we are working on a self upload application that we hope to integrate into our website some time at the start of 2017, so we can help more people find their ultimate modified whip, it will take a bit of time to develop, but it’s on our list of things to do.

One car that has come up for sale over the last couple of weeks, is our good friend Julio Garcia, incredible and we mean I N C R E D I B L E Audi R8, it's done the rounds all over social media, especially Instagram, most instagramer’s will know him as AIR_R8, and for those that don’t know the man or the car, this was the very first bagged air ride Audi R8 to hit the streets stateside, so the guy has his finger well and truly on the pulse when it comes to style and fineness, from any viewing point this R8 is just sublime.

Audi R8 20'' AG Luxury AGL24

As we have got to know Julio over the past couple of years we can tell you he has spared no expense building this fine specimen of Audis finest, it’s been through 4 sets of wheels that we know of, and the air ride system install is second to none, its quality of the very highest calibre, the stance of this beauty sits is awe-inspiring.

Even though we knew about the car, it wasn’t until the first set of AG forged wheels that we really started to take notice, the directional spoke of the F433, finished in gold bullion looked absolutely on point, concave spec 2 profile centres, it was such a great look, so we were pretty surprised when Julio said he was changing them, we didn’t think the look could be improved, but we were wrong, the wheel of choice was an vast improvement in the form of the AGL24 from the AG Luxury arm of the company, we would like to think we were of some assistance in his new choice, as a few weeks previously we were the first company to have this design manufactured, for Plush Automotives very own carbon Fibre Audi RS6, the colour was also perfect for the white body R8, with brushed Grigio centres and gold bullion flange, hardware and cap.

For more details on the car and for full spec, drop us an email and we will put you in direct contact, if you are in the market for one of Audi’s finest, this is one stunning R8 that is worth taking a closer look at.

Audi R8 fitted with 20'' AG Luxury AGL24 > Brushed Grigio with Gold Bullion Detail

Pictures by #zuumy

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