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AG Luxury AGL34

The luxury arm of AG Wheels ( Avant Garde ) have released yet another new wheel design, THE AGL34 and this time around it's been released in 1 piece Monoblock, which they have done from time to time this year, and we can see it's going to be a popular design, especially in the SUV , and Luxury vehicle market.

We love a six spoke wheel design at VAD, we have our own design that has done exceeding well over the last 18 months, and the AGL34 design is going to be a wheel in demand.

The first vehicle to test ride the design is the mighty new Range Rover Sport, and the finish shows the design off perfectly, the size fitted here is 10.5x22 front and rear and really shows the concave profile of the monoblock, the Monoblock is becoming a very popular forged choice in today’s wheel market as it has so many plus benefits, super strong, and lighter than any other forging, shedding the unsprung weight has a big advantage with any vehicle application, especially the larger vehicles, we can see this design adorning a lot of vehicles and looking right at home.

As with all AG Wheel design the AGL34 will be available in all of the usual monoblock size 19” 20” 21” 22” & 24” staggered set ups are available, with 2 piece duoblock and 3 piece configurations also being added to the line up, the 3 piece option you get the added advantage of standard or concave, with the various spec 1, spec 2 & spec 3 choices available in the concave profile, the finish choice is endless, it’s a design we are very much looking forward to seeing on a lot more vehicles in various configurations.

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