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Speedwells Wide Body Supra

The Speedwell Supra, owed by our good friend Iby, it’s a showcase not just for his skill set but his company too, he puts life back into worn out alloy wheels, he is the ultimate wheel restorer, and is extremely good at what he does, just think of a colour and he can make it happen, including one off colour and bespoke finishes, and the good thing is he caters for all wheels from oem wheels to 2 and 3 piece forged splities, he can pretty much restore any wheel back to original, all wheels are dry painted and finished to perfection, so next time you need your wheels refinishing, look him up and tell him VAD sent you, we promise you will not be disappointed.

Speedwell wide body Toyota Supra

The car itself needs no introduction, that is unless you have been living under a rock with no internet or wifi connection, we have featured it a couple of times over the last few years in various disguises, it must be one of Europe’s most posted Supra's across the media networks, its lit our feeds up this years more than any other Supra around the world, but what we can say is we haven’t seen one picture of this car that does it justice, not one, in the metal this is mind blowingly good, with the kit is a complete one off, well it was... until now.

Since we can remember we have been hounding iby to reproduce the kit, as we have had so many requests, he had also been inundated with request too, so he has finally stepped out of his manic schedule and pulled the trigger, and will be available to buy over the next few months, and you can buy it right here at VAD.

The kit will feature the usual wide body aero parts, front bumper, front splitter, front wider fenders, side skirts, rear wider quarter panels, rear bumper with integrated diffuser.

With any wide body project you will need the wheels to suit, you can fit 17” 18” 19” or if you desired 20” will fit with slight mods, but 20” as long as you run 10.5” front and 13” rear with suitable width tyres, other upgrades will be required, suspension, with fitting and painting required to completed look.

If you fancy this unique wide body look for your Toyota Supra, drop us an email, or get in touch, and we will hook you up with what has to be the ultimate supra conversion on the market.

TOYOTA SUPRA Twin Turbo Wide Body

Wide Body: Speedwell

Wheel & tyre spec: Front 10.5x19 > 275/30R19 // Rear 13x19 > 355/25R19

Forged Wheel Design: AG Wheels F420 Liquid Bronze Centres, Reverse Rim, exposed hardware

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