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Porsche 993 GT2R Evo

We are Porsche fanatics at VAD, it doesn’t matter which one as we love them all, but if we had to pick one or two as stand our personal favs, then the 997 is up there, especially when wrapped in our GT3R aero kit, with the 993 model our other personal fav, the last of the air cooled beauties, the looks and the sound are both priceless, and it’s that model in particular we want to discuss.

There is no question that one of the largest Porsche aero kings is RWB, we should know as we built one, if you know your Porsche heritage you will know the inspiration came from the GT2R race cars, you only have to look at colourful creation of DMV 993 Porsche, driven by Jurgen Schlager to see the similarities, but Nakai-san has enhanced the look even further, which has now become his signature.

We personally love the car that started our love affair with the 993, and that is the GT2R Evolution, it really is an unbelievable looking car, from any viewing point its drop dead gorgeous, and the width is incredible, and we are pleased to be able to offer this aero pack, to all 993 owners, so what do you get in the conversion kit

Front bumper, front splitter, complete wider fenders, side shirts, rear over fenders, rear bumper, rear engine cover with race wing and supports, with a huge list of options, to include flat body under floor sections, front brake channels, rear brake channels, arch liners front and rear, 18” forged 3 piece wheels 11” front and 13” rear, coilover suspension, exhaust systems, header upgrades.

We would love to build our own, and if a 993 comes up at the right time and money, we will get building, but with our BMW Z4 GT3 build along with all the other projects we have going on, there isn’t enough hours in the day.

For further details on this beautiful upgrade for your 993, email the team, we will be more than happy to discuss.

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