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Ferrari F40 LM spec

The Ferrari F40 is quite possibly the best Ferrari to date, well it certainly is as far as we are concerned at VAD, it’s a timeless design, pure beauty and if we look at the F40 in LM form, it’s both beauty and aggression, it really is a breathtaking piece of automotive art, from any viewing point its mouth watering, So the thoughts of modifying one, would take some balls right.

For the purist talk of modifying Ferrari’s pinnacle simply shouldn't happen , and to be honest, some part of us does agree, but things have moved on a lot since its launch, and there are many areas that can be tastefully modified and improved, the suspension for one, along with the brakes, a lot has changed in those areas over that last 20 years, so the improvements in that area are well worth doing, then we get to the wheels, although we like the classic speedline design, it suits the F40 perfectly, but again in this area technology has moved on quite a bit, so improvements can be made in this area too, not only with the material used, but also the design of wheel, and choosing the right design can really enhance the look of the 80’s icon, and if you don’t think it’s possible to make the F40 even more beautiful, then feast your eyes on this stunning piece of art, from our wheel partners Hyper Forged Wheels in Japan.

This particular F40 has been treated to some jaw dropping upgrades, brakes, suspension and the LM aero, with the later completing the finished look, whilst obviously adding not just style, but aerodynamic enhancements too, just looking at these pictures makes the hairs on the neck and arms stand to attention, its such an enticing car.

To complete the look, the owner,chose a brand new set of Hyper Forged LC5 centre locks, that have been machined and to perfection, and it’s at this part of the conversion opinions will differ.

The design for us is right on the money, the LC5 is the perfect design for the F40, the matte black finish also hits the sweet spot, and whilst the design is perfect the size of the wheels used may cause some debate, as the original F40 had 8x17 > 235/35R17 or 245/40R17 front, with 13x17 > 335/35R17 rear, where as this build has been fitted with 10x19 > 255/30R19 Front and 13x20 > 345/25R20 Rear, we would of preferred to see the same set up, but with 18” front and a 19” rear set up with a more forgiving tyre sidewall.

No doubt about it, it takes a brave owner to not only modify one of Maranello’s finest, after all it was the last Ferrari to get the Enzo Ferrari seal of Approval, but also to go against the grain, by fitting such a large wheel and tyre set up, but we say Kudos to the owner for a job well done, its a beauty and we love it.

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