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SKY Forged Wheels

Loyalty, lead times, quality & service has seen us part company with a few brands over the last couple of years, although we are extremely happy with what we have and who we work with, it’s always nice to find a nice new unique brand, that isn’t listed on 3 million websites globally, or sitting between 2,000 other brands waiting on a sale.

2016 has seen us out on the market looking for a new forged wheel line up, and there is so much choice its mind numbing, but once your sort through all the rubbish, there are some nice high quality brands just waiting for the right partnership, and we found a beautiful range to add to our other elite line ups, Sky Forged.

For a few months we have been looking at this stunning range with admiration, as they have been kitting out all of Kato-San personal rides from Liberty Walk / LB Performance fame, and I think everyone will admit the fitments, designs and overall wheel builds have been spot on.

For more details on the current line up of the SKY Forged range, email the team with your enquiry, we will be more than happy to assist you with your purchase, wherever you are in the world.

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