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Nissan Wide Body GTR, by VAD

A couple of years back we built a GTR with one of our carbon fibre wide body conversions, it was a build that divided not only internal opinions but at the time the company too, maybe one day in the near future, along with our RWB story the truth will be told, but for now, let’s discuss this incredible wide body GTR.

VAD Wide Body GTR

The colour of the car, along with the wheel design and finish, are the perfect GTR ingredient, add then the wide body, and 13x21 boots wrapped with 345/25R21 tyres and you have one special vehicle, I don’t know what we were thinking when we added the yellow decals, but hey not all of us at VAD have bad taste, it was an error and one the customer agreed with, and has since rectified, we are happy to say.

Wide Body GTR

With all of our builds, its always nice to keep in-touch and meet up from time to time with the customers that buy the cars, and hear the feedback, especially when Trevor and Deborah’s other cars, are a Ferrari 458 Spider & the latest 550 bhp Range Rover Sport SVR, but the car that brings him the most attention is the GTR, and seeing it again in the flesh we can see why, it’s a beauty from every angle.

The car is now for sale, it’s a 59 plate black, that is pushing over 700bhp, and has the full VAD wide body in carbon fibre, it sits on Meister coilover suspension, and has a full Meister sport exhaust system, all finished off with our 13x21 VAD CR Evo with a brushed matte bronze centre, with hidden hardware, in a spec 1 concave profile, all wrapped in 345/25R21 Hankook rubber.

VAD Wide Body GTR

VAD Wide Body GTR

For more details of the full spec along with the purchase price, email the sales team on

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