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Avant Garde Wheels (AG Wheels)

We are quite proud of our ranges of forged wheel brands we sell at VAD, we have some of the most exclusive brands on the market, and they are all bespoke build to meticulous quality standards, we get offered brands on a daily basis, as one brand goes to the wall another one is opening up, this is why we love what we have, our brands aren’t just about the sales, or turnover, the owners of the brands are passionate people, they also love what they do, so for us it’s a long term partnership. First up under the spotlight from our elite line up is the Avant Garde Wheels collection, if you follow the car scene the brand needs no introduction, they are a huge brand, especially stateside, whilst growing popularity on a daily basis across the European market.This brand has a huge list of options to suit every pocket, starting with a high quality range of cast wheels, in all of the desired sizes 17” up to 22” in all staggered fitments, all stock at the factory is raw, to be machined & finished to order, so you still get that wonderful bespoke option, even from their cast line up, so you get that quality touch across the cheaper end of the spectrum, and all at an affordable price, the options list for the cast line up is endless.

Next up is the range of 1 piece Monoblock forgings, not to every ones taste, but for unsprung weight, that is up to 40% lighter and 35% stronger than a cast equivalent, you can see why some people prefer this forging, and with the range of widths and sizes that have become available, they are getting more popular by the day, a great all round wheel, but a must have for a track day weapon, a great addition to any time attack or race track vehicle, with all of the usual finish options as well as wheel lightening machining, with back pad and spoke pocketing, also available on this lightweight line up.

Avant Garde Monoblock Forged F330

New to the Avant Garde ever growing range is the Duoblock forging, to be honest we were extremely pleased they made this happen within the company and added this all important modern forging to the line up, just incase your unsure what the duo or dual block forging is, it’s machined to look like a 1 piece Monoblock wheel, only it’s a 2 piece, so you have the options of hardware on show or hidden just like a 3 piece wheel, the beauty is you have the 1 piece deep concave mono styling but with the added bonus of 3 piece wheel widths, the only down side is they are a little heavier than a traditional 3 piece wheel, again you have the huge range of options for applications and finishes, with widths the same as any 3 piece wheel construction.

Now to the wheels that have made the AG a household brand name across the global car scene and that’s the range of 3 piece forged wheels, available as a standard 3 piece forged profile, or the ultra modern in demand concave profile, with 3 different configurations, spec 1, 2 or 3.

Spec 1 profile is where the wheel centre design sits almost on top on the flange, this specification is the lightest out of the concave profiles as it has less metal, you then have the spec 2, which is the profile with the leg extensions that reverse down the outer lip back to the flange area of the wheel, generally heavier, but more appealing to look at, and finally the all new spec 3 that was launched at mid 2015, where the rear spokes follow the contoured step of the outer rim edge, which is a personal favourite of ours, unfortunately not all applications are available for this profile.

We have saved the best until last, at the beginning of 2015 Avant Garde launched the Luxury line up, and what a huge success its been, with the range finding its way onto all sorts of fine machinery, even our world famous Ferrari 458 GT3 road going build for Mikael Persbrandt wore this new line, with a huge list of designs, profiles and configurations to chose from, as well as AG’s mind blowing finish options, it’s a line up to die for.

We are so please with the company, the staff and the quality of product, that we made a decision to switch production of our own VAD product to the AG factory and it’s been an extremely productive decision, with our own forged VAD wheel sales far exceeding our own expectations, this is one brand we are happy to fly the flag for.

For all Avant Garde wheel enquiries for the European or Australasian markets, email the VAD team, we are the sole importer / exporter for the brand, and we are actively looking for dealers to help us with promote the brand.

Avant Garde F140 Custom Bespoke Finish

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