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Nissan GTR Wide body

By popular demand we have decided to finally release our Nissan GTR Widebody programme in FRP, it seems our carbon option is beyond most GTR owners budget, considering the wide body purchase is just the start, you then have to fit and paint colour of choice, along with suspension system.

With the final piece of the conversion being the wheel and tyre set up, with huge 13” widths in either 20” or 21” size, fitted with 35 or 345 section width tyres, so it all totals up to be quite a costly conversion,

but with the launch of the FRP programme, it becomes a more affordable package, with builds now happening globally.

So what do you get for your money, the panels will consist of: front bumper, front splitter, front wider replacement fenders, side skirts, rear wider quarter panels, rear bumper panel.

Hit up our sales team with any information required, they will be more than happy to discuss any requirements you may have.

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