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David Huang's Top Secret G force Wide Body Porsche 996 Turbo

We can't quite believe its been three and a half years since our blog post about David Huang's awesome Top Secret G Force wide body 996 Turbo, as its our favourite 996 to date, we thought it would be fitting to repost on our new blog for our all new website, have a read if you havent already done so, as this is one awe-inspiring Porsche.

We are real car enthusiast at VAD, it’s not just a job it's a passion, our way of life, we totally live it in every way, building cars, wheels, Interiors, there is never a true statement that defines VAD as a company ... built not bought.

Every now and again a car comes along on the VAD radar and really grabs our attention we then have to find out more, this happened to me in particular when I first clapped eyes on a little picture of David Huang’s wide body Porsche 996, it just blew me away and off I went in search of more details of this epic looking 996 Wide body.

We knew all about the Top Secret G force super wide body when it was first launched but its so rare, from memory Bullet Proof Automotive were the first company we knew of that had blogged about the conversion when it was launched and brought it to the public eye especially stateside, at the time we liked it but it didnt blow us away, maybe it was the colour or even at that time the wheel choice Top Secret used, now don’t get me wrong the TE37 is a timeless classic when it comes to wheel design, the quality of the rays wheels is breath taking we are huge fans, but not for a porsche 996 for us it just didnt look right.

Now fast forward to 2012 when I came across David’s prime “A” class example of how this conversion should look with a fantastic choice of colour, what an absolute piece of car art, we would be proud to call this conversion our own, the vision the quality of work and the parts used are a credit to the owner hence the reason we got in touch as I just wanted and had to know more about this build and I wasn’t disappointed, the spec list that David sent me is rather awe inspiring... just take a look at the at the quality surrounding this car, now we suggest you brace yourself for pinnacle parts heaven.


Original PPG Lamborghini Reventon Matte Grey (ordered from Beverly Hills Lamborghini w/ vin#)

Top Secret Japan (Carbon Option) Super 996 G Force Wide Body Kit

-Front Bumper

-Front Splitter

-Head Lights Assembly

-Front Fenders

-Side Skirts

-Rear Quarters

-Rear Bumper

-Rear Deck Wing

Craft Square Japan Carbon Side Mirrors (w/ signal lights option)

Rear Wiper Blade Delete (moulded)

*Paint & Body work by Diamond Hills Collision Centre*


Authentic Porsche GmbH Carrera GT Leather Bucket Carbon Seats (w/ crest)

Authentic Porsche Tequipment aluminum roll bar w/ fire extinguisher

Authentic Porsche Tequipment blue seat belt

Gemballa Paddle-Shift Steering Wheel

Gemballa Carbon Door Sills

APR Japan (push-down) aluminium shift knob

i.Code Japan aluminium gas/brake/rest pedals

i.Code Japan glow-in-the-dark ignition ring

i.Code Japan White Gauge Cluster Face

DB Carbon Interior Trims (Dash/Console/e-Brake/Shift Surround/Bat Wing/Map Pocket/Cluster Surround...etc)

Rennline Aluminium Floor Plates & Kick Plates

Eclipse Double-Din Navigation Head Unit (couldn't stand the OE unit)

*Installation by Auto Talent*


K24/18G Turbo Upgrade

Arqray Japan Titanium Turbo Manifolds/Headers

Arqray Japan Titanium Full Exhaust (loud version with cats)

GruppeM Carbon Intake Box w/ K&N Filter

HKS SQV2 Blow Off Valve (custom kit by SP Engineering)

AWE Tuning Intercoolers

IPD Large Intake Plenum w/ GT3RS Throttle Body

EPL 80 lbs injectors

EPL Custom Flash Tuned (585whp/700hp crank on 109 unleaded octane race fuel, 515whp/600hp crank on 91 unleaded octane pump fuel)

*Data/Dyno Log by Raven Motorsports*


SSR Professor MS-1

Front 20x10 +6

Rear 20x12.5 +0

TOYO T1R Tires

Front 245/30/20

Rear 305/25/20

Endless Special Order Big Brakes Kit

Front Racing 12 Pistons Kit (the only set in North America)

Rear Racing 4 Pistons Kit

Aragosta Japan Coilovers (through Roberuta Japan)

Roberuta Japan "Electro-Magnetic Lifter" System (Plug-n-Play Black-Box Kit, Made to Order, pre-fit on the coilover)

i.Code Japan Carbon Strut Tower Bars (front & rear)

RSS Tuning Toe Steering Kit (front & rear)

RSS Tuning Rear Link Kit (Dog Bones)

RSS Tuning Control Arms (front & rear)

*Installed by AutoFashion USA / Tuned by Evasive Motorsports*

Its build like this that need to be shouted about, David has taken a very rare high quality Japanese wide body aero kit and applied it in such away it looks factory, the detail, fit and finish are just sublime, the 996 has always had mixed reviews around the globe it’s the 911 that a lot of Porsche fans and purists were split over, it was a like or loathe, personally we love it but in this disguise we love it even more, David you should feel proud to have built such an incredible looking radical Porsche 996 with more than enough power to match the beautiful looks, a car VAD would be more than happy cruising the streets in.

Last we would like to thank 1013mm for the superb photography skills ... such beautiful shots that have really captured the quality and presentation of this build, Enjoy the car David we know we would.

Picture Credit Matt willis of

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