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After popular request we have decided to offer a fibre glass option for our BMW Z4 GT aero kit along with our Nissan GTR wide body, both aero kits have been very popular in the carbon fibre, especially the GTR, but with so many fibre glass options on the market, demand for a cheaper option of the kit has been a popular request.

The GT carbon aero for the Z4 is a beautiful piece of art, it really is that stunning, but unfortunately unless you are building a bespoke Z4 as our customer has done in Dubai with the V10 and like we are also do with a V8 LS7, then its way over most people budget, as the full carbon kit is worth more than the vehicle itself in most cases, so after listening to the demand, a cheaper option was a must.

BMW Z4 GT3 Aero Kit

Email the team for more details of the BMW Z4 GT & the Nissan GTR Wide Body.

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