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The ever popular VAD EVO has been one of our best selling wheels in the 1 monoblock line up especially for the Range Rover marquee, The sport clientele seem to love the look and simplicity of the design, the multi piece has also been a popular edition to the 3 piece line up with the deep concave profile, and the vast range of widths, offsets and finishes, so it was only a matter of time before we introduced the design in its 2 piece duoblock configuration, the EVO-R.

The main reason for the introduction is the fact that you get the same look at the monoblock 1 piece, with the benefit of the 3 piece widths and offsets, plus the added bonus of the deep concave look the duoblock offers, as the deep concave profile is what is in demand.

For now we are only offer the 2 piece in the 22” & 24” sizes, with the other sizes appearing later this year.

VAD EVO-R Duoblock

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