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Carbostuff Dominik Bahn Fraud

Carbostuff, Fraud & Deception Warning.

Carbostuff or Carbostuff Engineering (one of the same) are up to the same old theft & deception antics that they were up to with former company CCD Motorsport, only this time it’s a larger than ever.

We want share our own experience with the Automotive world, and hopefully Mr Bahn will one day be brought to justice and serve his time in a prison cell, we are currently working with our local Fraud squad and also our Lawyer to make sure our funds are returned, as it’s been 14 months since he relieved us of our funds for parts ordered, but not just us but one our Business associates Jason Hawes owner of Amber performance, combined value of around €40,000 euro, this along with a further €160,000 mounts up to a considerable amount of cash, for doing absolutely nothing.

Dominik Bahn, the owner has been repeatedly chased since May of 2015, by us and Amber Performance with regards the whereabouts of the parts, the excuses have ranged from:

“DHL have rerouted your delivery to Russia”

“Delivery on route but it’s been lost”

“Im on vacation in Dubai, my staff will organise (he works alone)

“I have to finish work for Broemmler Motorsport”

“The Russian Customer has threatened him to complete his work before anyone else”

The worst excuse of all is “one of my children has passed away, so I can’t talk for a few days” , whilst typing this to us on his Whats app conversation, also taking an order for a Bentley GT GT3 kit at the same time from our entrusted colleagues in China for a Bentley GT3 kit that he doesn’t have or own.

We have also heard recently how he told a customer he could not discuss his order for a few weeks, because he was under Chemotherapy, and he has to recover, well that same cusomer didnt receive his parts, or his refund, basically this guy will think of anything and stope at nothing to keep your money and not send you the parts you have paid for, so it’s important that this is shared amongst our community and the motoring trade, especially the tuning world.

We have every email and whats app conversation documented from the very start of our business, some of which we will be posting, merely to show the world that Dominik Bahn is one of the biggest con artist in this industry, he has collected serious amounts of people hard earned cash and kept it for his own personal gain, I guess it’s a case of why work when you can get money for free.

Some people might be thinking why hand over all that cash for the parts upfront, and to be honest it’s a fair question, but this is standard policy within the industry, we now work with one of the best composite companies, and it’s no different, apart from one huge difference, you actually get what you have paid for, its custom work, not an off the shelf part, so it has to be paid for in full, this is why no alarm bells ring when payment is asked for, especially when you have an email stating 6 to 8 weeks delivery.

VAD & Amber Performance are not alone in people / companies being scammed by Dominik Bahn, we have met a few people that have also come out of the woodwork with the same story, handing over their cash, with no return, we know of one person who has given him over £100k and has had a hood, we also have been speaking with Anthony Gaylard, who has a list of over 20 odd people all with the same story.

He advertises on all of the global motorsport network sites, so some people may not be aware of his scam, one company recently from Australia was warned just in time before handing over $80,000, so its worth sharing the information.

Sites linked to parts advertised by Carbostuff.

his own website for reference and also his Facebook page

you will see from his website, he showcases parts, but not complet conversions.

Please paste and share this information, the more people that know the better, we will update our blog and media network as more news comes in.

Thank you


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