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Nissan GTR Ichiban wide body

When we first got to know Bryce we knew straight away he was very serious about what he wanted, certainly didn't take us long to swept away with his vision, and the plan of his build for the GTR. With the delivery arrival it didn't take him long to start ripping apart his beautiful but stock GTR, within a couple of days the panels were all mocked up to check the fit, finish and what it was going to take to get that desired o.e.m look he desired, with that done and a very hectic army life, the GTR was shipped off to the boys at Auto Ink to assist with their skill set, along with the task of removing the GTR of its o.e.m rear quarter panels, an easy task if you know how.

There are lots of people that have wide body aero kits to various vehicles around the world that don’t see the process of what has to be done to get that wide body to fit, yes there are plenty of videos doing the rounds cutting fenders to fit over fenders, it’s a little different fitting a rear quarter wide body, but Auto Ink knew exactly what it would take, as most of the higher quality body shops would do, it’s a walk in the park for a quality outlet like these guys.

With all the standard panels removed, including the rear quarters, it was time to fit the kit and check out Bryce’s wheel build, and we are pleased to say its been a pleasure watching this beauty take shape, its now time for the car to head off to the guys at Sprayhouse.LLC for the next stage of the process, which is fettling all of the panels and applying the lashings of lush paint.

This is one build that has grabbed our attention from day one, and we can’t wait to see this beast hit the streets, next stop… getting this beauty painted.

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