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TWS Forged Magnesium Wheels

The last few months has seen us search for the ultimate exotic wheel product for a god friend and long term client, our search has uncovered quite a few carbon wheels, but most of them have been rather disappointing, as not all is as it seems in the world of carbon wheels, and it seems apart from a couple of manufacturers, none of the carbon parts have been tested, or been fitted to any vehicles and driven on, so its been quite an eye opener, but in our search we found a great company in Lite Speed Racing and we will we will be working with Patrick over the next few weeks.

In our search for the ultimate product, it lead us back to a company that produces light weight 1 & 2 piece Forged Magnesium wheels, its a company we have been wanting to work with for some considerable time, TWS Forged Japan

TWS Forged

Back in 2012 at the Tokyo Auto Salon, we discuss the possibilities of importing TWS Forged wheels, manufactured by the one of the best forging companies in the world, Tan-ei-sya Japan, they had some beautiful designs back then, but due to commitment elsewhere with other brands and the fact TWS already had a dealer in place looking after the European market, we didn’t pursue the brand any further, it was only in 2017 at the TAS show in Tokyo, that once again we were drawn to their stand, drooling over their wheel design, they manufacture forged wheels for most forms of motorsport, to include the Aston Martin GT3 team, as well as the Japanese Super GT, so they have a pretty impressive pedigree and know a lot about how to produce light weight wheels, but what caught our eye this time round was the Magnesium range of wheels they manufacture, they are the pinnacle road wheel.

Magnesium wheels for road application have never seen a popular choice, mainly down to lack of companies that produce magnesium forgings, and of course the cost. Back when we first started selling wheels some 20 years ago, you had only two companies producing Mag wheels, BBS & O.Z, mainly for track use for race teams around the world, and the odd set would make it onto a road car in a limited run, like Lamborghini’s Diablo SV, but the Magnesium was cast not forged, it wasn’t long before the likes of Lamborghini went back to forged aluminium n the late 90’s you saw work wheels Japan manufacture the Rezax 11 mesh design with a Magnesium centre, but it was expensive, with huge lead time and it didn’t sell.

So what are the benefits of magnesium forged wheels, apart from being super light weight, the are more durable and rigid than aluminium forged, being lighter weight they also have the advantage of reducing the un-sprung mass weight, whilst being kinder on the braking and suspension components, a lighter wheels is much easier to spin and also stop, die to the low momentum of inertia, Forged magnesium wheels yield shorter braking distance and faster acceleration, improve manoeuvrability and overall whilst reducing fuel economy, with the added bonus of a high heat conductivity property of magnesium also means cooler brake disks so a longer life for brake pads, these are just some of the advantages of fitting a light weight forged magnesium wheel.

The Ultimate TWS Forged Magnesium Collection

A lot has changed over the last few years TWS not only manufacture Magnesium wheels, they have mastered the process to perfection, with some beautiful designs available, in a 1 piece as well as a couple of 2 piece designs, they have also a stunning collection of 1, 2 & 3 piece forged aluminium wheels, available in all of the usual custom bespoke sizes, widths, applications and finishes, email the VAD team for more details on this amazing wheel brand, they have every option you could possibly think of, if money is no object, fit the best, fit magnesium forged wheels.

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