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The Ultimate Rocket Bunny 350Z

We have said it before and we will say it again… we love what we do, we get to mix it up with some of the coolest people in the scene from all over the world, and one cool guy in particular is our buddy Bryce Jenkins.

Some of you will already know that we have a couple of favourite Rocket Bunny 350Z builds that really do hit the VAD sweet spot, as you know we aren’t really a fan of the rivet over fender scene, but the RB350Z looks so damn good, and Bryce has taken the bunny to another level, in more ways than one.

The first thing that caught our attention was the wheel build, but let’s come to that later. The first thing I want to discuss is the colour, boy oh boy did he nail that, it’s absolutely incredible to look at, we can’t stop staring at it in the office it’s that nice, we can honestly say we don’t think there is a better looking 350Z out there, black rose …. We luuuuuurve you.

Rocket Bunny 350Z

Now to the wheels, we all know wheels make the car, and you can’t beat the look of a classic 5 spoke, and the AG F130 is pure win, but what we like about the Bryce factor is he didn’t follow the usual concave crowd, nope he did it his way, traditional standard profile, with huge outer rims, and the colour of the wheels is right on the money, that compliments the body colour to perfection.

14X19 AG F130 Bryce Jenkins Rocket Bunny 350Z

So how about this for fitment … 12x19 front & 14x19 rear, he then wrapped them in “MAN” sized tyres, none of this skinny ass 255 sssssssssstreched on a 14” wheel, with silly camber un-driveable garbage, nope he did things properly, 295/30 front and 345/30 rear, Bryce doesn’t do things by halves, it’s done properly or not at all, we like that…we like that a lot.

Well now for the best bit... it’s ***FOR-SALE*** yes we know, lets repeat that … it’s for sale and it’s a bloody bargain.

The spec list is amazing, to the point of trouser arousing, especially when you look at the price he wants for the car, we know you can’t put a price, effort, commitment and time, if you could this car would be up for $100k + but what a car for the money, someone stateside is going to grab an absolute bargain, so here goes, ....tissues at the ready.

Parts List Exterior Car is wrapped in black rose by XeroGraphics in Hawaii Aero parts Greddy Rocket Bunny Z33 Front Bumper and Diffuser Greddy Rocket Bunny Z33 front Overfenders Greddy Rocket Bunny Z33 Rear Overfenders Custom one off Side Splitters Zakustech Z33 Rear window Louvers Suspension Airrex System W/ Seamless Tank and Hardlines Megan Racing Rear Camber Arms Megan Racing Adjustable Toe Arms Performance Parts HFP-342 355 LPH Performance Fuel Pump 3" True Dual straight pipe exhaust Mishimoto 2 one-in two-out intercooler AAM Performance oil pan spacer Garret GT35R .75 AR Turbo w/ Tial polished housing All braided AN Lines and fittings AEM Digital Boost gauge AEM Digital Air/Fuel Ratio gauge Tial MV-RR 44mm anodized atmospheric external wastegate Tial Q anodized blow off valve Highflow Fuel Systems 650cc injectors Osiris UpRev Tuner Custom fuel lines and return system Custom pie cut turbo manifold Custom charge piping Pie --Cut Hood exit exhaust Wheels Avant Garde F230 Polished Liquid Bronze Lips, Technica Black Face Alpine white Hardware Front 12X19 Toyo R888 295/30/19 Rear 14X19 Toyo R888 345/30/19 326Power 90mm Champaign Gold Lugs Aesthetic Life Big Brake Racing kit 8 pot front 6 pot rear Interior NRG Carbon Fiber Quick Release NRG Adapter Hub Grip Royal Mahogany Wheel Likewise Gold DeathGrip Shifter with Rod Custom One Off Hardwood Trunk Setup Autometer Dual pillar pod

As you can see the list is endless and no expense spared, for any interested people, get in touch with us or pester Bryce directly on his instagram @kekoazilla, and please only serious enquiries, do not waste his time, the guy has plans, very, very, serious ones… hmmmm wonder what he's up to next, I think we need a vacation.

Bryce Jenkins, The Ultimate Rocket Bunny Nissan 350Z ... and it's ***FOR-SALE***

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