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JRZ Custom Coilover Suspension

They say wheels maketh the car and as a wheel people we do agree with that particular statement, let’s face it wheels can make or break the look of any car, you can spend thousands of pounds on aero, fitting, painting and enhancing the look and then just ruin it with either the design or it just not looking aesthetically pleasing to the eye. Another very important factor is the suspension, the way the car sits, or as most like to call it the stance, and area that a lot of people overlook, we know air ride is the current trend around the world and to be honest it’s not a product we dislike, but for us there is no substitute for good old fashioned suspension system, and it really doesn't get much better than JRZ.

JRZ are a true custom suspension manufacturers, with over 60 years in the industry, they cut their whiskers within the motorsport and racing scene and produce some of the world best race suspension systems as well as being available for most race applications, they have applied all that incredible knowledge on to the road with amazing results, the original owner of JRZ Jan Zuijdijk was responsible for the very first on car adjustment suspension as well as first suspension with the separate reservoir.

With this 60 years of experience in research and development of suspension and damper designed for track, rally, off road, armoured and industrial applications, JRZ has developed the RS LINE. A high end damper for street and track use, providing fantastic comfort and superb handling.


The JRZ RS TOURING is the perfect upgrade of your vehicle for street and track day use. The TOURING kits fits OE top mounts and uses silent blocks to minimize road noise, vibrations and harshness. The most advanced bolt on set for high performance driving, comfort and daily use in its class.

The JRZ RS SPORT is the ultimate upgrade of your vehicle for track and street use, with spherical bearing in the top mounts/eyelets and customisable (linear) spring rate to get optimal performance on track. The JRZ RS Sports package is designed for maximum performance, feel and adjustment.

As they are still actively involved in the motorsport scene, they have some incredible components to go racing with.


The JRZ Motorsport line is designed and developed for winners. With over 60 years of experience in GT racing, open wheel, rally,off road, drag, armoured and industrial damper applications. The JRZ Motorsport comes in three different series; the 11 series (double adjustable), 12 series (triple adjustable) and the 14 series (quadruple adjustable), there is always a solution that suits your needs.BENEFITS- Precise control of the chassis and unsprung masses- Excellent tyre wear- Easy to change damping curvus- Large adjustment range, with fine tuning ability

So what are the benefits:

- Precise control of the chassis and unsprung masses - Excellent tyre wear - Easy to change damping

curvus - Large adjustment range, with fine tuning ability.

Racing is a professional, its a fast demanding world. The industry offering parts and components to this market have to be alert and continuously update the design and performance of their products. Suspension design is one of the major factors among the many other components used in a race car for good handling and winning car. Vehicle design, constructional integrity, choice of tyres, differential setting, suspension and geometry, driver input are some of the parameters which are of the highest importance for a successful team effort. JRZ offers a complete design and developed packages for the most demanding applications. JRZ’s specialism is making the best solution, working together with all the other components in the car.

We are happy to discuss any enquiry you may have, get in touch with us today to for information, pricing on this wonderful addition to our incredible high quality range of products, we are extremely pleased to have this world class brand on-board, Its time to fit the JRZ

To view the images or the JRZ suspension components, take a look at our on line gallery, and get in contact with any enquiry you may have.

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