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ACR Performance

We first came across ACR Performance back in January 2017 when we visited the Tokyo Auto Salon, and to say we were impressed was a bit of an understatement, the Vantage coupe and the Cabriolet in the flesh were absolutely beautiful, in fact we were mesmerised, it took us a little while to notice they also had a full on Vantage GT3 race car on the same stand, I think everyone that knows anything about us, knows how we feel about GT3 race cars and their look, after all we are building our own BMW Z4 GT3 V8 and our good friend Iby over at Speedwells Wheel Refinishing building the Porsche GT3R variant, so to not even notice a GT3 Vantage underlines just how amazing these Astons were up close and personal.

The conversion is a full wide body and consists of the usual parts required to turn a standard Aston Vantage to look a lot more aggressive.

Aston Martin ACR Wide Body Vantage

The full aero kit consists of the following carbon fibre parts, Front bumper, front under tray, front splitter, front (70mm) wider fenders, side strakes, side skirts with air intakes, rear (90mm) wider quarter panels, rear bumper, rear diffuser assembly, rear ducktail spoiler, carbon rear light lenses.

The two cars on display and that have done the rounds are wearing Vossen wheels, the Monoblock directional design does absolutely nothing for us at all on the coupe, but the Cabriolet with the Black mesh is a beauty, the wheels really suit the build out of the 2 designs this was our personal choice, but as a custom forged wheel company our minds got to thinking of the wheels you could build for this conversion, the designs, styles and finishes are endless, ACR Astons wear 11x20 front with 12.5x20 rear, with wider options also available depending on the required tyres you are looking to fit, the options for wheel size, widths, tyre sizes are huge.

Aston Martin ACR Wide Body Vantage

We also offer other options for this conversion, hybrid exhaust systems for the V8 and the V12 chassis, as well as suspension upgrades and super charger systems also available on request.

There is no disputing the Aston Vantage is one of the best looking cars to be created, it really is a beautiful look car in standard trim, but ACR have proved that if you have the funds along with the huge balls to mess around with the AMV8, you can improve those gorgeous looks even further, something we didn't think was possible.

Aston Martin ACR Wide Body Vantage

Get in touch with us if you have any interest in transforming your Vantage into this stunning wide body beauty.

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