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Johan Sjöstedt upgrades his BMW Z4 GT3, and the new look is sensational.

Our good friend Johan Sjöstedt has been at it again, updating and fine tuning his amazing BMW Z4 GT3 creation, we have him to blame for us also taking the same path with our own BMW Z4 transformation.

I think everyone in the car scene around the globe knows of the BMW Z4 GT3 that Jens Byggmark drove in the 2014 Gumball 3000, built by West Coast Racing, if you don’t where have you been, as this is one of the most famous if not “THE” most famous Z4 on the planet, as I said it most certainly contributed towards us taking the plunge, as we were looking to sell our authentic full carbon kit, until we saw how it looked on the road, so a big thank you Johan for helping with our choice to build our V8 GT3 Z4.

Johan Sjöstedt BMW Z4 GT3 Road Car

So what has Johan been up to with the Z4 and what changes have been made since we spoke to him last year, well for starters the folding electric roof has been taken off and in its place a full carbon fibre BMW GT3 fixed hard top, and we must say we want one at some point as it looks so spectacular, he has also updated the N54 Turbo engine that the car was launched with, its been replaced by the S65 V8 with sequential gearbox.

The final change has been the all new white look, with the BMW Motorsport detail stripes around the sill, rear quarters and the bonnet vents, this is one serious transformation, and one that looks at home on the track as it does on the road.

Johan Sjöstedt BMW Z4 GT3 all new look

Kudos to Johan for building what has to be the finest homage to the awesome BMW Z4 GT3 race cars in the world, we have a lot of work to do with our own Z4 GT3 V8 build, and if it turns out anything remotely like Johan’s beauty, I for one will be extremely happy.

Johan Sjöstedt BMW Z4 GT3 V8

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