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Our trip to Germany

We start our German trip with a visit to our good friend Holger Zimmerman which was the main purpose of our visit, we have been dealing with Holger and his team at ZimSpeed for so long it’s great to finally put faces to names and see the operation up close and personal, the company that makes so many parts for us and the set up didn't disappoint, such a skillful bunch of people that all have the craft of producing aero parts in all composite materials from Kevlar to full dry carbon, I'm extremely happy knowing our parts are in the hands of such fantastic composite partners, they are mould makers of the finest caliber, with such a huge list of companies they have manufactured parts for, with Kremer racing and Zakspeed among their business associates.

In the ZimSpeed headquarters there were a couple of cars that caught my attention, the first was a Porsche 911 993 GT2 RS EVO, a full on track weapon that was in for repairs and rear fender widening, something the team are renown for, it seems wider is better and this 993 was certainly that, you could tell this was a serious track car and one I would have loved to of took home, it was one very special car, with all the right bits, it just looked fast parked up in the workshop.

Another build that was under construction was the third member of the all new Kremer Racing K3R 997 and to see it at the beginning stages was just fantastic, we timed this trip to perfection as we could see what has gone into making this car what it is, and we must say Holger has done a stellar job designing this K3 for a modern day Porsche chassis, it just works so well and when you see it close up alongside a genuine 935 k3, you realise he absolutely nailed the design, I guess it helped the fact that his father who owns DP Motorsport designed all of the original Kremer 935 K3 race cars, but credit where its due, the guy is a complete genius, you only have to look at this creation to see it will certainly be his legacy, and one I'm proud to hopefully be involved with in some capacity.

Another highlight of our first day in Mendig was a visit to Holger's good friend Michele Rinaldi, owner of Rinaldi Racing, which is the unit opposite, and that was a visit we will not forget in a hurry, not only was Michele a wonderful host but the toys he had in his workshop were mind blowing, with a new 991 GT3 RS, 964-RS and Carrera GT the first thing that i was greeted by, the best was to yet to follow, walking into the second part of the workshop where a Porsche 991 Cup car casually sat next to a Ferrari 458 GT3, further enhanced by a pair of Ferrari 488 GT3 race cars, one complete stripped down undergoing various checks for the new race season ahead, as Rinaldi Racing compete in the Blancpain GT series and seeing their set up, we now understand why they do so well, with their own engineering room fully kitted out with no expense spared, and we are glad to see they are still heavily involved with the after-market Porsche scene, servicing and tuning still very much a part of their business, so if anyone requires a full gearbox build or a 4.3 engine upgrade for their 997 then get in touch as we will be working with them on all aspects of road going tuning for the Porsche market.

Our next stop was the Legends at DP Motorsport, that’s a read you want to miss, catch it with our next blog post.

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