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Hybrid magnesium and carbon fibre forged monoblock wheel.

Our bespoke hybrid forged magnesium, carbon wheels are finally finished and ready to be fitted to the Icon Motorsport Mercedes AMG C Class coupe Edition 1 Motorsport version and we can’t wait. the weight of the wheels have surpassed all expectations with the front 9x19 coming in at 7.1 kg per wheel and the rear 10.5x20 wheels coming in at 7.7 kg per wheel.

Hybrid magnesium & carbon fibre forged wheel

These wheels are available in Monoblock form in various widths for lots of applications, so email the team for more details on sizes, applications and pricing.

Next up on for a set of our 3 piece magnesium wheels is for our good friends Mclaren F1, that’s one worth tuning in for.

Wheels: 9x19 7.1 kg 10.5x20 7.7 kg Hybrid Magnesium & carbon Fibre forged monoblock wheel

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