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Speedwells 997R, The Dismantle

Well it certainly didn't take Iby long to get stuck into the Porsche 997 build, no sooner was the Turbo Purchased, it was back to Speedwells base and precision dismantled, being relieved of all the o.e.m panels to include the Techart front and rear bumpers, custom splitters, diffusers, wheels and tyres, (all which are now for sale) the front fenders, to see what modifications need to be done to get this aero pack fitted, as this kit is intended for a none Turbo model, so there will be lots of modifications that will be need to make this kit look at it should do, just from what we have so far, this makes his wide body Supra look like it was on a diet, and that one one hugely wide car, so you can only imagine how wide this is going to be, its insanely wide.

With all the oem and after-market parts removed a complete mock-up of all the carbon parts is being done before some of the parts head off for prep and paint, once this has been done the removal of the original rear quarter panels will be the next task in-hand, and the relocation of the petrol cap and filler, along with other parts that will need to find a new home or location.

We have been longing to see our R wide body aero programme fitted to a road going 997, and finally Speedwells stepped up to the plate and made it happen, check back in on the build as it happens, as this is looking to be one amazing build.

Speedwells Porsche 997 700R Turbo under construction

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