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Nissan GTR Wide Body Aero Styling

We have been working hard over the last few months with our composite partners on a few new products, and we are super happy with what we will launch over the next few months, we are updating our Porsche programme, adding the wide body aero for the latest 991R as well as a new set of wide body clothing for the Porsche Cayman, both available in full carbon fibre, the Cayman will have a GRP option too, as we have a feeling the Cayman market will demand a cheaper material, so we can mix it up depending on customers’ requirements.

One product we launched recently was our all new wide body Nissan GTR ICHIBAN aero styling pack, with a hint of GT1, GT3, which is where our inspiration comes from as we love that styling, and yet again we have gone for a full rear quarter over the popular over fender that some seem to favor.

The first kit is heading to the states, Georgia to be exact, where our good friend Bryce Jenkins, who can’t wait to rip his Nissan GTR to pieces, so were pretty excited as this is going to be one spectacular build if his Nissan 350Z is anything to go by, as that was by far the best Rocket Bunny Z build we have seen to date, a bold statement, but a true one, we have yet to see one come remotely close to what Bryce put together, so we wait with anticipation on this up and coming build.

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