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Porsche 997 R

Throughout 2016 we blogged constantly about the Porsche 997 Turbo GT3R that was being built by our South African tuning partner Scribante racing, and at long last we are able to show case to the world the car in all its glory, and boy oh boy they have put together an absolute beauty.

from any viewing point its incredible, they have sourced and used the very best product they could get their competitive hands on, this is one serious racing car, the construction is amazing, with their own neat bespoke touches, like the incredible front hood with a real trick venting system, the front and rear bumper mods and we love the rear fender cooling ducts made from carbon, that sit on top of the really wide rear fenders, that will feed as much air they need in to the huge intercoolers, sitting either side of the carbon vented bumper, Marco from Phoenix Performance has done exceeding well with all the nice little performance upgrades.

The car is set to compete this year and so far the car has been pretty ferocious in testing, with a reliable race ready 650bhp, its one we can’t wait to follow through the year, we wish Franco and his team all the best, and will report on racing as the R takes to the track, now its time to get a UK R on the streets, and for that we will be collaborating with our good friend Iby and Speedwells, watch this space.

Porsche 997 GT3R build by Scribante Racing

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