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Nissan GTR Wide Body

Its been a while since we have blogged about the BPA Body shop VADZilla GTR build, as Ben has been extremely busy with his work load, so his personal project got side line, unfortunately it happens, we have had exactly the same problem this year with our own Z4 GT3 V8 project, customers cars and work take preference over personal builds, It’s just the nature of the business, but we are happy to report Ben has found some spare time and put a good few days into getting the car finish, well certainly when it comes to the paint.

Its been a wish to see this conversion finished in white, we must admit we were hoping to see the hood painted white too, but with a carbon hood it’s a difficult choice for some, personally we aren’t the exposed carbon fans, its still carbon under the paint and exposed carbon has been done to death, but Bens choice, and one we respect.

One area which will be a little hit and miss is the black stripe through the rear panel, from light to light, personally we like it, but there has been a bit of mixed reaction to the pictures we have shared on our social network, but we applaud Ben for building the car how he wants it to look.

This is one car we are looking forward to seeing in all its glory when winter has been and gone.

The aero kit is available from stock in either FRP or Carbon fibre, with a huge list of options, email us for more details on our wide body GTR programme.

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