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BMW E86 Z4, E46 M3, GTR Wide Body Aero

We have some new BMW aero Products that that we are adding to our website, they aren’t new to the aero world, but they are worth sharing and most definitely worth putting on the website.

We have seen the BMW E86 (Z4) and E46 in M3 form making a bit of noise lately, especially on the styling, both great platforms and both tune and style up exceedingly well, and there are so many styling and aero bits available for both models, but if you know anything about us at VAD you will know that we love a wide body, in all forms and all marquees, and the wider the better, which brings us to our styling packs we are offering for these two models.

First up is the e46 chassis, we love this shape, especially in M3 form, it’s a looker in standard form, so to enhance is a tough one, but adding the GTR wide body is a step in the right direction, this conversion is super wider and super aggressive, and we adore it, with its vented front fenders, and aggressive front bonnet ( hood) it screams racer, and those fat rear arch extensions that flow into the rear vented bumper, what's not to like, it’s pretty special looking conversion, especially when you add the right looking set of wheels, in the right set up with 10” front wheels and 12” rear wheels in either 18” 19” or 20” sizing, so if you have already have the M3 model, you have the brutish good looks to match the performance, so the best of both worlds, although this aero pack will fit any E46 model across the engine range.

BMW E46 M3 GTR Aero Styling

Next up we have the wide body aero pack for the Z4 E86 chassis, the awesome GTR, this kit is an absolute monster, the original batman looking car, small, wide and vents everywhere, it really is a wild looking aero kit, but wild in the best possible way, just look at it, aggressive from every viewing point, it really isn’t a conversion for the faint hearted, a must if you have the car and want to get noticed.

With this aero upgrade, you get all of the usual parts:

Front bumper, front under floor splitter, front vented fenders, side skirts, rear vented fenders, rear bumper, rear diffuser with the rear wing an optional extra.

Wheel choice is huge, with 10” front wheels and 12 to 13” rear wheels being needed to fill the acres of wide body goodness, we also have suspension & exhaust options for both vehicles, can be supplied only or fitted and painted, get in touch for more details on these BMW road monsters, if we wasnt already committed to building our V8 E89 Z4 GT3, we would most definitely be building the E86, such an incredible looking conversion, maybe one for a VAD build in the future.

BMW E86 Z4 Coupe, wide body GTR Aero

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