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Kremer K3 997

Every now and again a build comes along that simply blows you away, well for us it’s the Kremer Motorsport K3 -997, and what a spectacular machine it is.

Every car enthusiast will know, or should know all a about Kremer Racing, especially the K3 and their racing history, even if you aren’t an avid Porsche fan, any petrol head will remember the old Kremer 935-K3, that was based on the old 930 Porsche Turbo chassis, it totally devastated all in its path, it was such a formidable machine from the late 70’s early 80’s, who can forget that noise of the flame spitting 850bhp, these magnificent wide body beauties dominating race tracks all over the world, especially in the hands of Klaus Ludwig, winning Lemans out right in its class in 1979, they truly were incredible machines, in every detail, it was kremer racing at their very best.

Now enter 2016, and they have been working hard on a very special machine, with the help Holger Zimmerman, and oh boy… we can confess, we want one so bad, it hurts… the all new K3 997, yes you read that right… K3 body styling with a 997 chassis, it’s totally genius, mixing the old look, with a more modern chassis, what a fantastic recipe, we are totally mind blow, whoever came up with the idea, is a complete genius, yes it going to be expensive, but just look at it, its immense, did we already mention we wanted one… Dear Santa.

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