The Porsche 997 RSR is one of the most awe-inspiring race cars the world has ever seen, the look, the noise is quite incredible when seen and heard in the flesh, normally only seen from a distance, at race track events all over the world, but never seen out on the open roads...well that is until now.

The RSR in factory form is a pretty special beast, it’s been a dream of ours to build a road going version of this stunning race car for quite a while, it was just a case of waiting for the right time, and in March 2013 that arrived, in typical VAD fashion we decided to give ourselves even more of a challenge and base it on not a normal, or should we say "easy" base model, the 997 C2, C4 or even the GT3, but the awesome Turbo model, to say this has been the biggest challenge we have ever taken on is an understatement, with the aero parts being taken straight off the race car, the parts fitted where they touched, which just wasn’t good enough for a road going RSR Turbo show stopper, so we re-developed the parts along with intercoolers, radiators, pipe work, brackets, exhaust system, suspension, forged wheels, LED lights, to bring you the most complete road going RSR Porsche the world has ever seen, we bring you the Worlds first, Gen 1 VAD Edition 997 RSR 650 Turbo wide body, We wanted excellence...We built perfection

The VAD Edition Porsche 997 650 RSR Turbo, fitted with custom made 10.5x20 Front & 14x20 Rear VAD VM1 Forged wheels fitted with 265/30R20 & 345/25R20 Tyres,  we also offer 18" and 19" sizes in various width options and tyre sizes, other vehcile applications are available on request.

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