The name of our company isn’t just a catchy phrase, it is what defines us.  Luxury and art, working together to form a unique brand.  We split our three-piece forged aluminium wheels into two lines; Luxury and Abstract.  They both consist of fresh designs but each one will be very distinctive from the other, while staying in the same universe.


The Luxury line consists of clean, traditional wheel styles with modern touches to them.  You can say there is a splash of “fashion” found in their appearance but it does not over power the elegant concepts.  Refined cuts and engraving make these wheels appealing to even the untrained eye.


The Abstract line consists of artistic designs.  These wheels are the louder of the two and are for sure to get your attention.  In the world of abstract art, symmetry sometimes gets left behind in order to create a masterpiece.  There is lots of freedom in this line although; the designs are derived from luxury-just with an exotic touch.

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